Polyphonic Documentary Community // Project Launch

We will be launching the first iteration of a series of practice-led experiments soon. The aim is that these will act as catalysts for further discussion and analysis, and potentially for further practice-led experiments.

Anyone who is an active member of the Polyphonic Documentary community on Discord will be able to participate. Our first call will be for members of this community to produce 3-5 short videos on what polyphony means to them.

These can be over the course of a day – perhaps at different times and in different places – but the brief will be open to individual creative interpretation.

Our plan is to put these videos into the interactive authoring tools, Korsakow and Stornaway. The founders of these tools are both active members of the Discord Community with a long-standing interest in polyphony.

The idea is that this will form a starting point to help us to explore the potential of different authoring tools and approaches for polyphonic documentary.

Once we have made these initial responses, we will call a follow up meeting of the community to discuss these projects and their meanings. Furthermore, the combined material will be made available for all members who contributed content to play with it and re-mix in Stornaway, Korsakow, and indeed beyond.

We plan to do this over the summer and to update on our progress in the autumn, so watch this space!



Judith and Stefano

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