I-docs and Multiperspectival Thinking // I-Docs Community Conversation 3

This webinar led by Judith and Stefano, with much appreciated help from Sandra Gaudenzi, was held in October 2020. It was part of the i-Docs Community Conversation series, launched earlier in the year in lieu of being able to go ahead with the fully planned schedule for i-Docs 2020.

The aim of the webinar was to introduce the main issues and debates that our ongoing research is bringing up, to provide some examples which point towards ‘polyphonic documentary’, and to open up a channel within the i-docs community for ongoing discussion on the application and relevance of polyphony to documentary practice.

We also introduced our plans to create the polyphonic documentary community around which this research is now focused.

The event addressed a series of questions as follows:

  • What is polyphony and how has it been playing out to date within documentary practice?
  • How does this relate to ongoing debates about documentary authorship and co-creation?
  • What do Bakhtin’s ideas on polyphony bring to the party and what is their relevance?
  • How is the relationship between thinking and feeling being negotiated in this research?
  • What is the role of i-docs in a polyphonic context and how can this inform our practice?

The premise of the webinar was that multi-perspectival thinking is a necessary and urgent skill to be promoting, in order to create a solid base from which to address the many challenges that we are facing in these complex and uncertain times.

The video recording of the webinar is available here:


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